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Benefits Of Attending This Workshop  🏆
  1. Gain practical knowledge. ✔️

  2. Learning by doing. ✔️

  3. Builds confidence levels. ✔️

  4. Know your secret skills and update them to the best. ✔️

  5. Start your own freelancing career. ✔️

  6. Know how to use content writing to boost up any business to brand. ✔️

  7. Integrating the practical experiences into the real-life works. ✔️

  8. How to balance the SEO organically using content writing. ✔️

What You Will Learn?

DAY1: Principles of Content Writing

1. Honey and Bee principle - Integrating law of critical mass in business with content - Long term content commitments - Evergreen content 2. Standards of content - Inspire, Invent, Visualize, Experiment, Evolve, Unleash, Produce, Innovate and Create 3. Do’s and Don’ts of content writing

DAY2: Required fundamental skills and mindset

1. What are the skills required - Does least Communication standards affect my content? - Time management - Is setting targets necessary? - Ability to show the originality - Knowledge of Digital / Social media 2. Putting yourself into the shoes of your readers

DAY3: Types of Content writing and Applications

1. Origin of Content and applications in digital marketing or day to day life
2. Types of Content
3. Types of Content Writing with real-time applications

DAY4: Understanding the niche and research

1. Why niche is important?
2. How to identify the niche of our audience/customers/readers? 3. How to research according to the niche? 4. Does your end content meet your audiences’ needs?

DAY5: Tools, Procedures, and Checklists of content researching and keyword researching

1. Basic tools and procedures to follow 2. How to make checklists according to niche? 3. Keyword researching

DAY6: Integrating practical skills in the Content writing part-1 {Finding your style of writing}

1. Golden Rule most of the successful writers follow 2. Knowing your style 3. What are different styles existing? 4. Exercising on different writing styles 5. Understanding your own methods of writing 6. Picking up a passion

DAY7: Integrating practical skills in the Content writing part-2 {Example project on “How to”}

1. Project Preparation -What’s your idea? -Understanding the niche -Information gathering process 2. Pick a Title
3. Start writing - Patterns and putting your ideas on paper - What’s the best ending?

DAY8: AIDA Copywriting techniques

1. Different phases on content writing & Marketing
- Phase 1: ATTENTION
- Phase 2: INTEREST
- Phase 3: DESIRE
- Phase 4: ACTION

DAY9: Applications of content writing part-1

1. Exercising on content for paper ads, flyers, brochures, etc., 2. Exercising on different customer & seller conversations

DAY10: Applications of content writing part-2

- Being an Influencer - Different types of Social media posts to attract followers organically using content - Exercising on some famous brands products & services with live examples


  • Interactive Q and A Sessions
  • Study Material
  • Certification
  • Life Time Career Support/ Assistance
  • Become A Part Of Community

I’m an MBA final year student and I was baffled about my career. Then my professor suggested me to approach Thibstas Academy for career guidance opportunities. After speaking to them, I’ve got clarity on my skills and what’s the profile I have to choose. I’ve been training for Content creation from Thibstas Academy and Content writing is my major. I love the way they explain the techniques and concepts in a practical. It’s completely different from what we learn from college lectures.


Manasa Reddy

I get personal interactions with my trainer and it’s like personal guidance for me more than training. I wanted to start a blog on traveling and these guys are even helping me with the blog setup.


Nikhil K

My friend suggested me this academy as best for Digital marketing training and internship. I took 3 months of training in Digital marketing and did 3 months of internship and now, I’m working for Thibstas Media. Not only a place to learn. They are also providing career guidance.

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Hurry Up Limited TIme Offer

5999/- + 18% GST